Thank you! Your gifts are the reason we succeed.

Protecting and empowering people working in dangerous places and dangerous fields only works because of your help. Your generous gifts keep us focused, up-and-running, and able to provide services to anti-traffikers and missionaries at minimal cost.

Any amount you can give is appreciated. Here are several “gift” ideas based on our needs and operations at Ericius Security. Please note your gift preference in the comments section when you donate.

Donate a gift

  • Hardware, Firewall........................$290
  • Hardware, Uninterruptable Power Supply....$40
  • Hardware, Wireless Access Point...........$150
  • AWS Access, 1 month.......................$80
  • Volunteer Background Check, 1 person......$25
  • Conference Attendance, 1 person...........$500
  • Training, in-person course................$800
  • Training, online course...................$200
  • Payroll service fee.......................$50
  • Support employee salaries.................$200

Amazon Smile

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Ericius Security is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Volunteer with us

Volunteering with us is simple: drop your chronological resume to hello [at] ericiussecurity [dot] org.

Network Security Analyst

  • Must be motivated to establish and develop a team
  • Experience or background in NIDS, Network Forensics, or Threat Hunting
  • Familiarity with SQL
  • Familiarity with basic statistics and proper data visualization
  • Familiarity with data analysis tools including Jupyter Notebooks, Anaconda, and PowerBI
  • Willingness to work 2 hours a week or more
  • Be able to pass background check

Leader/Senior Responsibilities:
  • Ensure one volunteer is scheduled to review logs every day
  • Create and manage an analysis playbook/SOP, must include execution checklists
  • Check analyst work for correctness; ensure documentation is clear and usable
  • Report on analyst activity at Ops Updates every other Sunday
  • Lead all the below, review and grade subordinate volunteers

Role Specific Responsibilities:
  • Coordinate with other security analysts to ensure log review occurs daily
  • Determine, record, and improve queries the team can use to extract useful information and identify threats
  • Determine and requirements for and assist with the implementation of an incident tracking/handling system
  • Recommend specific improvements to data sources, data enrichment, and the analysis and storage system; Assist with the development and implementation of a data analytic system
  • Contribute to the development of an analysis and response playbook, standard operating procedure, and execution checklists

Additional Responsibilities:
  • Contribute to support raising for Ericius.


Role Specific Responsibilities:
  • Develop Ericius Security’s OPSEC framework into a comprehensive course containing lessons, case studies, practical exercises, and workbooks; develop teaching materials
  • Teach OPSEC course on and offline
  • Coach clients through the development of their people and processes to provide security to their operations

Additional Responsibilities:
  • Contribute to support raising for Ericius.

OSINT Researcher

Role Specific Responsibilities:
  • Utilize open sources to provide context to Ericius and client operations
  • Synthesize information into intelligence that assists decision making
  • Identify digital footprints and networks and tie that information to realistic risks or vulnerabilities

Additional Responsibilities:
  • Contribute to support raising for Ericius.

Web Engineer

Our web engineer designs and implements our website and ensures that it is highly functional and available.

  • Familiarity with HTML, CS, and JavaScript
  • Familiarity with JAMstack and other serverless web hosting paradigms.

Role Specific Responsibilities:
  • Construct and maintain a website using principles from JAMstack and “serverless” web hosting
  • Identify and implement a content management system consistent with serverless webhosting and supports a blog
  • Ensure website is easily navigable and linked to donation systems
  • Coordinate with social media/web content managers to ensure the website meets their needs
  • Coordinate with leadership to ensure vulnerabilities, where present, are mitigated.

Additional Responsibilities:
  • Contribute to support raising for Ericius.

Social Media Manager

Our social media manager is responsible for representing Ericius Security online. They plan, execute, and manage social media and web content for Ericius Security, generate attention, and manage engagement.

  • Experience with social media content creation and social media management

Role Specific Responsibilities:
  • Develop content for social media, at least for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Develop content for the Ericius website
  • Develop and implement a social media strategy driven by metrics
  • Determine, recommend, and use tools to manage and schedule social media
  • Generate online attention and engagement

Additional Responsibilities:
  • Contribute to support raising for Ericius.