Our mission is to protect and empower people working in dangerous places and fields, especially human rights. We provide security to activists’ technology so they can focus on the people that need them the most.


We envision people who are working to help victims of human rights abuse safe where they work and live. Their technology should remain secure and usable even in difficult or sensitive environments. We want to augment their capabilities so they can go further, faster, safer.

What we do

If you work in human rights, civil rights, or counter sexual abuse
We’re here to help you.

Network Risk Assessments

We'll assess the vulnerability of your networks

You work in dangerous environments, so they need to know that your systems not only work properly, but also keep you safe. We’ll help you understand where your networks are strong and where they are weak—and how to make improvements!


Got questions? We're here to help.

Computers should do what you need them to! When you need to ensure your systems accomplish your organization's needs, we’ll help you figure out, resource, and install the best solutions.

Digital Footprinting

We'll show you what the internet knows about you.

Knowing how much of your personal data is online is essential to identifying and removing risks. Our intelligence team will help you identify just how much of your critical information is online and how to fix it.


The intel you need to make decisions

Intelligence should help you make decisions, not just spit the news back to you. We'll work with you to deliver usable and relevant information that lets you make better security decisions within your context.


When you need some extra umph

If you're working in a particularly risky area, we'll work with you to increase your networks' and infrastructure's resiliency. We tailor our solutions to your needs. Current clients rely on us to:

  • Distrupt adversary attempts to geo-locate networks
  • Tailor content filtering
  • Maintain logging and monitoring