Use your skills for good

Our Story

If you could use the skills you have right now to do something you considered valuable, what would you do?

As information security and intelligence professionals, this question kicks us into high gear. We believe that people of every walk of life have the right to set their own paths, so we set out to use our skills to support just that.

Every day, hundreds of small organizations fight on the front lines for human rights. Small teams of people work tirelessly to improve the lives of other people by persuading communities and governments to defend civil rights. Some even do the hard, long work of rehabilitating those who have been sexually abused and are hoping to escape and recover.

Advocates often face enormous technical obstacles to access the resources and trade-craft to keep their people, organizations, and information safe.

We aim to fix that.

If you fight for someone else’s freedom, you should be able to stay focused on what you do best, not constantly worry about whether your computer works or if your information is safe.

Our Background

Ericius Security is a nonprofit team leveraging our mixed veteran and private sector backgrounds in intelligence analysis, enterprise information security, program management, and software engineering and development. Founded in 2018, we help help human rights advocates go farther and safer.

Our members are currently, or have served as:

  • Founders of startups
  • Presidents of nonprofits
  • Technical advisors at small companies
  • Mid-level program managers for large software companies
  • Military veterans